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Boss GK-5 Divided Pickup

Boss GK-5 Divided Pickup

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The GK-5 is a user-installable guitar pickup designed for the advanced Serial GK digital interface found in the latest BOSS guitar synthesizer products. Offering improved performance over the previous analog 13-pin interface, Serial GK opens a universe of new sonic possibilities in guitar and bass synthesis.

Standard Features
Next-generation divided pickup for guitars with steel strings
Supports the Serial GK interface used in the latest BOSS guitar synthesizer products
Stable digital signal transmission
Light and streamlined connector housing with a lower profile than previous GK pickups
Flat, slimline pickup fits on most standard electric guitars
Includes an attachment plate for the bridge on Les Paul-style guitars
Connector housing mounts securely to the instrument’s strap button with the included bracket
Specially designed BOSS Serial GK cables (BGK series) available for stable and accurate operation with your Serial GK product

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