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Open Box Marshall Origin20H 20W Head w/FX loop ~and Boost

Open Box Marshall Origin20H 20W Head w/FX loop ~and Boost

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Express your personality with this 20w head. The Origin20HTM provides a classic all-valve, rich and harmonic tone. With sleek styling and modern features this amp is ideal for playing in different environments from bedroom to rehearsal studios and small venues. There is a 2-way footswitch available so you can control the gain boost feature and turn the FX loop on and off.

  • The footswitchable gain boost feature allows you to develop your sound by adding an extra level of gain to deliver crunch to your tone.
  • TILT YOUR SOUND: With one channel, this amp still offers a variety of tones. By using the tilt control you can vary your sound from normal to high treble to access the one you prefer.
  • To suit your playing environment, from the bedroom to the studio we have introduced new power reducing technology, PowerstemTM, allows you to have high, medium or low power modes.


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