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Martin Custom Shop Dread Natural Adirondack Maple/Ebony/Maple w/Case

Martin Custom Shop Dread Natural Adirondack Maple/Ebony/Maple w/Case

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Crafted with passion and precision, the Martin Custom Shop guitars designed by Tone Shop Guitars’ custom expert Mike Doty are a testament to the art and craftsmanship of lutherie. Each guitar is a masterpiece, featuring hand-selected tone woods that not only ensure superior sound quality but also add a unique character to every instrument. The meticulous selection process guarantees that each piece of wood contributes to the rich, resonant tones that Martin guitars are renowned for.

The inlays are a work of art in themselves, with options ranging from simple elegance to intricate designs. They are carefully crafted from materials such as pearl, stone, metal, and exotic woods, adding a personal touch that reflects the guitarist’s style and story.

The specifications of these guitars are tailored to perfection. From the body shape and size to the neck profile and tuning machines, every detail is considered to create a guitar that is not just an instrument, but an extension of the musician. 

These guitars are more than just a sum of their parts—they are a conduit for musical expression, built to inspire and endure. Whether on stage or in the studio, a Martin Custom Shop guitar designed by Tone Shop Guitars is the ultimate companion for any musician seeking the pinnacle of acoustic performance.

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