Get Plek'd

Is your instrument as good as it could be? If the answer to that question is not a resounding “yes”, we may be able to help.


What the heck is Plek?

Plek Advanced Instrument Processing is a way to measure the curvature of the neck – known as neck relief – as well as the height and relief of the frets and the fret radius over the entire neck, all in microscopic detail. This gives our service techs and you, the player, all the information you need to decide on the optimal changes for your playability.

Having your guitar Plek’d means that you can not only feel the improvements, you can also see the difference.

Learn more about the Plek advantage, by downloading their brochure here. To schedule your Plek service, call us at 972-661-TONE (8663) or drop us a line on our form below.


Ready to get Plek'd?