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K&K Sound

Founded in 1984 in Germany, K&K manufactures sound amplification equipment for acoustic musical instruments of all kinds. In 1995, K&K's headquarters and manufacturing branch were relocated to the Southern Oregon Coast. We sell to music stores, instrument builders, and end customers world-wide.

All K&K Products are designed and manufactured in house. This enables us to quickly react to customer and market needs. Specific requests for customized products are easily met for musicians, dealers, and manufacturers.

4 products found in K&K Sound

K&K Sound The Pure Pickup Pure Mini
  • $ 109.00
K&K Pure Mini + Volume Control
  • $ 148.00
K&K Pure 12-String
  • $ 142.00
  • $ 119.00
K&K Pure XLR Preamp
  • $ 253.00
  • $ 199.00