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Tone Shop Guitars is the only Premier G&L dealer in Texas. We stock hand selected G&L USA models as well as the full line of Tribute series G&L guitars and basses.

We specialize in custom order G&L instruments. Contact us to discuss options for your dream guitar.

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Used G&L Tribute JB Lake Placid Blue w/bag TSU7166
  • $ 349.99
G&L USA ASAT Classic Alnico Vintage White RC VTS Maple FB w/case
  • $ 1,599.99
G&L USA Legacy HH Graphite Metallic Painted Headstock w/case 7.45lbs
  • $ 1,599.99
G&L USA ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow No F-Hole Blue Metal Flake 6.2lbs w/case
  • $ 2,149.00
G&L USA ASAT HH RMC Trans Redburst Frost 7.3 lbs w/case
  • $ 1,749.99

Coming Soon!

G&L USA ASAT Classic Bluesboy Top Binding Rally Red w/case 7.4 lbs
  • $ 1,799.99