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Catalinbread SFT w/Stones/Stoner Button

Catalinbread SFT w/Stones/Stoner Button

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New Catalinbread SFT with Stones/Stoner Button

The newly redesigned SFT is our Ampeg flavored foundation overdrive, providing late '60s - '70s Stones

When we originally set out on our quest to make the best Bass overdrive ever, we never imagined that it could also sound so amazing with guitar – but then we got to thinking about some of the classic late ‘60s/early ‘70s ‘Ya-Yas’ era tones and thought we should take a stab at them. And heck while we’re at it, it would be really cool if it worked for the more modern drop tuned heavy stuff too. Made sense since those tones were due in large part to guitars being played through amps designed for bass, right? 

  1. Famous Ampeg amp tones in pedal form.

  2. Baxandall EQ controls.

  3. Equally powerful on bass or guitar
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